Meet some former students

Evan Goodrow studied with me back in Boston. He now performs with his EGB band, touring constantly throughout the Northeast, from NYC to Philly, with regular visits to the Caribbean. He’s opened for B.B. King and is building a successful career.

Lee Sylvestre was one of my first Hartford-area students after I relocated from Boston. He has a great acoustic band called The Auburn Mode and they just released their eponymously named debut CD. Check ‘em out: [The Auburn Mode] (

Patricia Drain studied with me for 5 1/2 years. With no previous musical training, she came to her first lesson with an actual toy guitar, looking for a new interest now that her children were big enough to allow her a little free time. Although it took her the better part of three years to develop the hand strength to play a clean barre chord, she almost never missed a lesson. Eventually she decided to broaden her studies and enrolled in Berklee College. She graduated, studied with other teachers, started her own guitar trio specializing in standards and bossa novas which she sings in the original Portugese, gigged extensively around southeastern Mass. She also founded the Middle Street School of Music in Plymouth, MA and now employs 33 teachers who teach 650 students. And to think she came to me with a toy guitar!

Andy Thompson studied with me for over 7 years, from the age of 7 1/2 thru most of high school. At his first lesson, when he demonstrated his favorite boogie woogie blues and told me about the Duane Eddy records he liked to listen to, I knew right away this kid was going to be different. He went to college in Nashville and eventually wrangled The Thompson Brothers Band an RCA/Nashville recording contract.