Why Study With Paul?

  • Learn from a professional musician and teacher with over three decades of experience

  • Patient guidance from a skilled teacher who loves to teach

  • All levels taught, from brand-new beginner to pro

  • Lessons incorporate your own repertoire choices and focus on the skills you want to develop

  • You’ll learn how music works as well as how to play, enabling better self-teaching and memorization.

  • Work with a teacher who can quickly ascertain what’s missing in your technique and key to your continued development

  • Learn from a teacher who plays and enjoys many genres and styles

Where: All lessons are taught at my home studio in East Hartford, CT.

Cost: $60.00.

When: Monday - Thursday evenings, 6-9pm

Length: One hour. I believe the 30 minute lesson is designed primarily to help the teacher make as much money as possible, not to help students learn, so I don’t offer 30 minute lessons. I purposely keep my hourly rate very reasonable so that most people can afford a full hour. This means I can take the time to really work with you, mentor you, answer your questions more fully, demonstrate techniques, play with you and show by example how it’s done. It’s so much more fun for both you and me!

Frequency: I prefer weekly lessons whenever possible. It allows me to monitor your progress better, correcting technique problems or misunderstandings before they become ingrained. Sometimes, students prefer to come biweekly or even monthly due to limited practice time or financial constraints. I don’t have a problem with this but recommend we try to start our work together with several consecutive, weekly lessons to establish some foundation, direction and rapport.