You never quite know what’s going to happen when you’re jamming with Steve Greene, my old high school music buddy and noted Rochester, NY jazz guitarist and teacher. Steve and I go back over 40 years! We recently got together and played some tunes in honor of my mom’s 86th birthday and the following cuts ensued. Recorded 1-21-2012 in the home of Tom Hampson, host of Rochester’s longest-running jazz broadcast on public radio station WXXI, “Jazz from the Cellar” and my number one step-dad!

Lester Leaps In We’re playing the head together (Steve is playing the 1942 Gibson L7; I’m playing my Ibanez George Benson. I take the first solo.

MR P.C. A blues excursion to a place not advertised in the original itinerary. Steve takes the head and first solo here.

Blue Monk Steve takes the head and first solo. (3rd fiddle played by the squeaking chair.)

Stella By Starlight I take the head, Steve takes 1st solo.

Days of Wine and Roses We split the head, Steve takes the first solo, some nice interplay ensues.

Alone Together Steve takes the head, I play the first solo.

I’ll Remember April I take the head, Steve plays the first solo.

Peace Planet Cover

Face of Love This is a tune I wrote for Wildest Dreams’ Peace Planet CD. Produced by Miguel Sa Pessoa and Nando Laria.

Morning Trance Not previously released, live jam from Wildest Dreams studio sessions, live to two track (11 minutes). This clip needs a little introduction. Wildest Dreams always started rehearsals with a free jam to get warmed up. When we went into Soundworks Studio to start recording our 2nd CD, we set up everything the night before and started off fresh the next morning with a warmup jam. It took the engineer a minute to realize, “Hey, they’re playing something good, I better turn on the recorder!” This clip is what transpired. A brief version with additions eventually was included on the Peace Planet CD, but I always loved this pure, live moment in time.

Trouble Guitar solo except from Peace Planet CD.

Jazz Circle Duo Live at Gabrielle’s, Centerbrook, CT (Steve Roane, bass)

The Nearness of You


Jazz Circle Duo (Matt McCauley, bass):

Up Jumped Spring

Night and Day

Killer Joe

Dark Eyes

College Test Blues

The College Test Blues Some years ago, a friend of mine asked me to produce a theme song for his SAT test prep video. So I wrote “The College Test Blues” and got some friends together to record it. It features the fine vocals of my old pal, Sal Sansone. We had some fun kicking out the jams that day!

Live at the Red Rock Bistro in Swampscott, MA with Evan Goodrow:

Bluesette. A guitar duet with my former student, I play the lead, first solo and outchoruses.

Wildest Dreams First CD

Wildest Dreams has decided to make available for download our complete 1st EP CD. It was recorded at SyncroSound Studio, (the Cars’ old studio in Boston). It captures the band during its early prime time. The excitement and fun we had making that recording is palpable, at least to my ears! Feel free to download these songs. If you enjoy them and would like to help us recoup the considerable costs we incurred creating this recording, please send a 99 cent donation per cut to the Dreamers, via Paypal account Thanks.

One Voice Cover One Voice (5:45, original version)

Down In The Islands (4:47)

Freedom (4:48)

What It’s All About (5:10, original version)

Freedom Guitar solo excerpt from One Voice CD.